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Asbru Diggory


Nickname: Diggory-Doo

Gender: buck

Variety: cinnamon

Known genetics: A/A D/d m/m

Born: 5th August 2007

Died: 5th March 2010

Origin: Asbru Stud

Litter mates: Pringle

Health: 16th Dec 2008 - Swollen left hind foot, small cut to pad - poss from eggshell. Bathed with saline. Can't tell if it's an abscess or just swelling atm.
18th Dec 2008 - Vets. Abscess lanced - lumpy cheese! Inj Convenia 0.07ml. Repeat in 5 days. Vet doesn't believe eggshell would be sharp enough to cause the injury.
19th Dec 2008 - Foot still swollen. Pad red and raw. Looks like there's another pocket of infection. Refusing Calpol for pain.
20th Dec 2008 - Foot no worse, possibly slightly better - still looks raw. May have lost some weight.
22nd Dec 2008 - Inj Convenia, inj Metacam. Metacam drops.
29th Dec 2008 - Inj Convenia. Foot swollen. Slight weight loss. Sore spot on top of foot - appeared since last night. Possibility of bone infection? Continue Metacam.
30th Dec 2008 - Open wound on top of foot. Swelling gone down slightly.
31st Dec 2008 - Swelling much better, Diggs is very bouncy and happy tonight.
2nd Jan 2009 - Last injection. Keep an eye in it for a while.
22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
2nd December 2009 - Small signs of weakness in his back legs.
4th February 2010 - Diggory has definite signs of hind leg weakness, and the weight is slowly coming off him, but he still goes everywhere at a trot and seems happy enough.
3rd March 2010 - We're holding his weight level by giving extra food while the others are out of the cage. He's looking good at the moment.
5th March 2010 - Facial swelling. Not eating. Looks like bone tumour. Euthanised.

Temperament: Confident and busy. Not slowing down too much as he ages.

Matings: Asbru Kitty - 12 kittens born 25/7/08

Children: Sherbourne, Avon, Cole, Blythe, Arrow, Swift, Kindred Spirit, Poetic Justice, Smartie, Waffle, Arwen, Galadriel.

Grandchildren: Torni, Simo, Meri, Aura, Kiti, Jahni, Kala, Kirk, Spock, Lister, Scratty, Luigi, Nancy Peanut, Aisla Robertha, Thames, Brent, Ravensbourne, Tyburn, Moselle, Wandle and Effra.

About Diggory

Diggory is just a gorgeous, gorgeous rat. He loves exploring, but he's equally happy sitting on my lap. He's difficult to photograph as he is fascinated by the camera. Diggs trims his own nails, which is wonderful. I wonder if he could learn to trim his cagemates' nails too?

Diggory enjoys playing the tickly bum game. You tickle him on the back and he bounds off in a circle, returning to be tickled again. Only problem is, it gets him all wound up and he's likely to go and jump on one of his cagemates, which starts a fight.


MRC Christmas Show, 1st December 2007 - 3rd of 3 in Cinnamon class
Good eyes. Ridge over eyes and flat forehead. Ears a little wide. Coat in good condition - spoilt by over greasy appearance in centre back. Colour a little dark. Barbered front left foot. (ER)

MRC April Show, 12th April 2008 - 2nd of 3 in Cinnamon class; 3rd (of 20) in Stud Buck Challenge.
Good head, eye and type. Fairly good colour but darker along the spine than the sides. (GM & SM)

MRC June Show, 7th June 2008 - 2nd of 3 in Cinnamon class
Good size and type. Fairly good colour. Slightly uneven top. Good belly. Good head, eye and ear. Very soft coat for buck. Colour paling to sides. (LC)


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Diggory's Family Tree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Grt Grt Grandparents
Sire: Asbru Horus
Cinnamon Rex
Sire: Asbru Osiris
Agouti Rex
Sire: Fauna Aegir
Mink Rex
Sire: Integrity Wasabi
Silver Black
Dam: Fauna Dahlia
Ruby Eyed Pearl Roan Rex
Dam: Asbru Rian
Sire: Fauna Vidar
Silvered Mink
Dam: Rowangate Sunna
Agouti Striped Roan
Dam: Asbru Ohio
Sire: Halcyon Briarwood
Sire: Halcyon Redwood
Dam: Wheatacre Tsunami
Dam: Halcyon Inara
Sire: Halcyon Redwood
Dam: Halcyon Eden
Dam: Aphrodite Corona
Cinnamon Pearl
Sire: Aphrodite Mistletoe
Sire: Aphrodite Juniper
Sire: Wheatacre Spruce
Dam: Serendipity Calendula
Cinnamon Pearl
Dam: Aphrodite Lily
Sire: Wheatacre Spruce
Dam: Serendipity Calendula
Cinnamon Pearl
Dam: Halcyon Comfrey
Sire: Halcyon Speckled Wood
Sire: Halcyon Purple Emperor
Dam: Halcyon Small Copper
Dam: Alpha Centauri Dacey
Sire: Alpha Centauri Quinn
Blue Agouti
Dam: Halcyon Bridie

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