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Halcyon Chumble


Gender: buck

Variety: cinnamon

Known genetics: A/a m/m

Born: 14th August 2007

Died: 30th June 2009

Origin: Halcyon Stud

Litter Mates: Hodge

Health: March 2008 - Neutered.
21st July 2008 - Injured himself somehow? Squeaking in pain occasionally when moving. Calpol.
23rd July 2008 - Still hurting. Tail OK, legs OK, no obvious injury. Vet suggested possible rib injury. Continue with Calpol or Metacam for now.
1st November 2008 - becoming very obese. The only fat rat in a cage of six. Fairly active at playtime.
9th February 2009 - Not using left back leg. No obvious injury.
12th February 2009 - Leg OK now.
11th March 2009 - Tiny pea-sized lump on left hip. Abscess/cyst? Switch to scatter feeding is working nicely and he's lost some excess weight. Could do with losing more.
22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin. Lump on hip is larger. Sore, bare patch developing. Bathing with hibiscrub.
20th May 2009 - Vet visit. Kicking myself for not going earlier. The lump on his hip is deep, firmly attached and radiating smaller lumpy bits. Vet advised that chance of clean removal is small.
5th June 2009 - Still looking OK with life, not limping or fluffed up. The bare patch is growing and doesn't look good, and the lumps are multiplying. The initial sore patch looks like it may be on his flank scent gland.
8th June 2009 - A hint of a limp. Breathing slightly heavily. Given some Metacam, but watching him closely.
9th June 2009 - Sucked in his sides while I was watching so I've upped the Metacam. Not long now I think, though it's hard to call when he still looks in condition and is eating well.
18th June 2009 - Still doing OK I think. Keeping on the Metacam.
29th June 2009 - Getting to his lungs I think - he's struggling to breathe, losing weight. Probably time to let go.
30th Jun 2009 - Put to sleep.

Temperament: Confident and busy. Alpha rat. Major bully until neutered.

About Chumble

Chumble is a lovely, busy lad. He was alpha for a while, but didn't handle it well and was stressing out the other rats so I eventually had him neutered. Very annoying as I was planning to breed from him.


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Chumble's Family Tree

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Grt Grt Grandparents
Sire: Halcyon Birnham
Sire: Halcyon Briarwood
Sire: Halcyon Redwood
Sire: Halcyon Willoughby
Dam: Wheatacre Maple
Dam: Wheatacre Tsunami
Sire: Wheatacre Robert
Dam: Wheatacre doe
Dam: Halcyon Dunkeld
Sire: Halcyon Crash
Sire: Halcyon Willoughby
Dam: Halcyon Dart
Dam: Halcyon Orchy
Sire: Halcyon Willoughby
Dam: Halcyon Tweed
Dam: Sanders Cry Freedom
Black Berkshire Rex
15/2/07 - 31/3/08
Sire: Sanders Hot Tuna
Sire: Sanders Hot Chocolate
Silver Chocolate
Sire: Jazz Quaker
Buff Rex
Dam: De'Shea
Silver Chocolate
Dam: Brocks Andersson
Silver Black
Sire: Sanders Ferris
Agouti Berkshire Rex
Dam: Brocks Non Stop
Dam: Sanders Battlecry
Black Hooded Rex
Sire: Sanders Batman
Silver Black Hooded
Sire: Sanders Firestone
Agouti Hooded
Dam: Sanders Baladine
Agouti Hooded Rex
Dam: Sandurs Elduris
Cinnamon Hooded Rex
Sire: Sanders Hot Fudge
Cinnamon Hooded Rex
Dam: Sanders Absolut Curant
Silver Black Berkshire

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