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Belyaev Bramble


Gender: buck

Variety: Black Irishy/Berkshire 'Berkish'

Born: 21st July 2007

Died: 16th November 2009

Origin: Belyaev Rats

Litter Mates: Sparky

Health: 29 Nov 2008 - Wheezy.
1st Dec 2008 - Sounds fine now.
29th Dec 2008 - Possible mites. Ivermectin Spot-On.
2nd Jan 2009 - Wheezy chest. Steroid injection and course of Baytril. Improved almost immediately.
6th Jan 2009 - Completely recovered. Bouncing round like nothing was wrong.
28th March 2009 - Still getting occasional wheezy spells. Pop him under a show tank and give him some of my inhaler and he's fine.
22nd April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites.
1st May 2009 - repeat Ivermectin.
11th June 2009 - Wheezies. Vet gave Baytril.
19th June 2009 - Seems completely better.
15th July 2009 - Wheezing. Injection of Convenia, and put on Baytril.
20th July 2009 - 2nd injection Convenia. No more needed, but keep on Baytril for a while to make sure.
30th August 2009 - Wheezy again. Put on Baytril as it's a bank hol weekend.
5th September 2009 - Baytril is working wonders! Didn't go to the vet as he is almost better now.
24th October 2009 - Losing weight. No obvious cause.
7th November 2009 - Looking very little and old.
14th November 2009 - Very wheezy and poorly.

Temperament: Exceptional - my ideal rat. Bouncy and happy, likes chase games. Very relaxed on picking up.
11th December 2007: Neutered along with his brother as he was starting to become cage aggressive.

About Bramble

Bramble is a very confident, 'in your face' rat with a streak of the devil in him. He loves trying to escape, but once out he wanders about with no fear of capture. Bramble is one of those wonderful rats who just goes limp in your hand when you pick him up, so you can flip him and fuss him, then bounds away full of devilment when you put him down again. Bramble likes to sleep curled round on the shelf or the hammock like a little black cat. He's also the biggest klutz I've ever seen in a rat. If it's possible to execute a prat fall then he'll manage it.

Bramble is just the shiniest, smoothest black ratty ever. He's so sleek and beautiful.


MRC Christmas Show, 1st December 2007 - Unplaced - Adult owned pet buck
Very cute face. Cute white socks. Had a bit of a run over the table. Let himself back into his tank. He's a bit of a nutter - never sat still! Tried to bury himself in his litter. Back nails a bit sharp. Cute white tip to tail. Prefers running to cuddles. (BR)

MRC April Show, 12th April 2008 - Unplaced - Adult owned pet buck.
Small scab on back. Cutest tail stop ever. Happy to be cuddled. Short nails, a bit baggy. Porphyrin stain to tummy. Fabulous socks! (AG & JQ)


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