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Gender: Doe

Variety: Black Dumbo

Born: April 2007

Died: 21st July 2009

Origin: Rehome

Litter Mates: Edie

Health: 13th Oct 2008 - Barbered her arms and legs and a patch on her rump. Also started on Edie's head. This may improve now she's in a new environment.
18th Oct 2008 - Agnes' back legs are starting to re-fur. Her front legs and rump are still bare, but I'm haven't seen her barbering at all. Fingers crossed.
27th Nov - Barbering Edie's face again.
29th Nov - Abscess on right arm. Bathed with warm saline and expressed. Yuk.
1st Dec - Possible mites. Ivermectin. Arm almost better.
9th Dec - 2nd dose of Ivermectin. Arm healed up.
29th Dec - Putting on weight, despite being given less food than the other girls' cages.
1st Feb 2009 - Mammary lump between arms. :-/
17th Feb 2009 - Lump removal.
15th Mar 2009 - Mammary lump in front of back leg. Swears. So unfair! I think we're going to leave this one. :-(
20th April 2009 - Ivermectin for mites
1st May 2009 - Repeat Ivermectin.
5th May 2009 - It's no good. I can't leave that lump to grow any bigger, and she's too full of life to put to sleep just because of a lump. Triumph of heart over head.
7th May 2009 - Mammary lump removed. Post op check in 2 days. This had better give her more time than the last one!
26th May 2009 - Losing co-ordination in her hands. Pituitary tumour?
5th June 2009 - It's definitely looking like a PT, but she's coping atm. New lump under right arm.
18th June 2009 - Not feeding too well. Been on Metacam for a few days. Choked on her soft food.
19th June 2009 - Lump under left arm too. Managing her food a little better today.
23rd June 2009 - Choked on a pea. Cleared it herself. Problematic - difficult to eat hard food, chokes on softer food.
30th June 2009 - Managing fairly well now. Possibly growing the new lump is slowing down the pituitary lump.
21st July 2009 - Put to sleep.

Temperament: Was alpha rat. Friendly and calm. Now a doddery old lady.

About Agnes

Agnes and Edie came to live at Ratty Corner on 11th October 2008, as their previous owner's circumstances had changed and he no longer had time to care for the girls as he would have liked.

Agnes and Edie moved in with Luey, a neutered lone boy, then once they were settled as a threesome they joined a group of four girls. Edie has since died, but Agnes seems happy, although she is still trimming her fur.

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