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Gender: buck

Variety: mink bareback mismark

Born: September? 2006

Died: 2nd April 2008

Litter mates: Probably Thisbe

Origin: found living wild in a pigeon loft in January 2007

16th Jan 2007: Neutered due to excessive marking and nervous aggression.
17th Oct 2007: Lost over 120g in the past month, laboured breathing although quiet. Vet prescribed 0.2 ml Baytril and 0.05 Dexadreson daily to be given orally.
20th Oct 2007: Py is much better in himself, but still losing weight at a frightening rate. He's getting all the goodies I can think of.
22nd Oct 2007: Lice. Very small but lots of them. I assume they're from the vet trip.
24th Oct 2007: Weight still dropping. Vet gave an injection of Draxxin. Continue to take previous meds.
3rd Nov 2007: Very poorly. Now passing a lot of urine, probably has kidney failure.
7th Nov 2007: Very slight improvement. Fingers crossed.
12th Nov 2007: Regaining weight. Looking much better.
1st Jan 2008: Warty ear > mange mites? Where does he get these things from? - treated with Ivermectin.
2nd Apr 2008: Died after losing weight again steadily. Laboured breathing but not wheezy.

Temperament: improved from a nervous, nippy boy to a relaxed cuddlebum.

About Pyramus

Pyramus came to live at Ratty Corner on the 13th of January 2007, when he looked four or five months old. He had been living wild with Thisbe in a pigeon loft, and was very scared when he came. Read his story in 'A Tale of Two Ratties'. Pyramus has changed from a grubby, scared and aggressive boy into a lovely clean, chunky and very healthy rat. It took a long time to cure him of nipping when he didn't want to be picked up. He's been neutered so he lives with the girls now.

Pyramus lost a lot of weight in the Autumn of 2007. His breathing was laboured though silent, and he dropped from 640g right down to 340g. I thought I was going to lose him. It was a Sunday when I found him at his lowest; I thought he was going to have to be put to sleep. I gave him a small dose of Calpol (Children's paracetamol syrup) to help him until we could get to the vets. Amazingly, it made him feel well enough to try eating again, and he didn't look back after that. I still don't know just what was wrong with him. Only at his very lowest did he lose the sheen on his coat. Since his illness Pyramus has had his fur chewed by Tiz, so now has patchy fur on his back.

As he grows older Pyramus is becoming used to being held and stroked, and will relax in my arms for a cuddle and a fuss. He has regained some of his weight since his illness, but feels more flabby and less muscular now.

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