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Gender: buck

Variety: black baldie aa/Mm/Hroh

Born: 4th December 2006

Died: 29th September 2008

Origin: Enkidu Rats

Health: very good.
November 2007 - Porphyrin round right eye.
26th September 2008 - Showing slight signs of hld.
28th September 2008 - Sleeping through play time. Some porphyrin round eyes. Doesn't look distressed.
29th September 2008 - Had some apple at breakfast time. Passed away in his sleep.

Temperament: Alpha. A little shy with people, very wriggly.

About Otis

Otis was a tiny tiny little ratlet when he arrived here, but he's put all his effort into changing that and is now becoming a big lardball. Strange because they don't get any more food than the other cages. My Oatibix is a little shy on occasion, always the last out of the cage and turns round to run away when I try to pick him up. He doesn't enjoy outings, unlike his cagemates, and prefers to stay at home where it's safe. Despite this, I believe he is the alpha in his cage as he's the only one who can be bothered about such things.

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Family Tree of Enkidu Otis
black mismarked
Born 4th December 2006

Asbru Maedhros
silver fawn
19/02/05 - 28/06/07
Asbru Rian
26/11/04 - 01/06/06
Asbru Irresistable
silver fawn
Delilah of Alpha Centauri
Ratty Rascals Tommy
russian blue
Valhalla Seven of Nine
russian blue
Serendipity lines

Serendipity lines
Asbru Aku
18/09/05 -
+ Templeton Lilith
Asbru Basil
russian blue
+ Serendipity Siren
russian blue essex
Asbru Chac
mink berkshire
+ Asbru Russia
russian blue essex
Enkidu Otis
black baldie

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