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Gender: buck

Variety: silver fawn hooded

Born: 22nd July 2006

Died: 29th June 2008

Origin: rescue kitten, foster who stayed.

Litter mates: Archimedes, Doppler, Edison, Hubble, Tesla

Health: poor, respiratory problems.
2nd Dec 2007 - dose of Frontline.
21st Feb 2008 - scabby again. Ivermectin.
19th Mar 2008 - Scabby again. Ivermectin.
30th Apr 2008 - Wheezy.
2nd May 2008 - Injection Convenia 0.1ml. Return in 5 days.
7th May 2008 - Breathing is good. No weight gain. 2nd injection of Convenia. 12th May 2008 - Sounds good. 3rd injection Convenia.
16th May 2008 - Beginnings of hind leg degeneration. Need to put them in a larger footprint cage.
17th May 2008 - Final injection of Convenia. All clear.
30th May 2008 - Choked on carrot. Managed to breathe and finally cleared it.
10th June 2008 - Back legs are noticeably worse, but he's still getting around OK. No knuckling under. Breathing quiet but slightly laboured.
11th June 2008 - Walking is noticeably worse. Started giving him a daily drop of Metacam. Here starts the downhill slide :-(
18th June 2008 - Walks like John Wayne. Looking tired.
26th June 2008 - Losing weight. Had some Ivermectin because all three cagemates needed it. Still on daily Metacam.

Temperament: slightly cage agressive when younger. Mellowed greatly as he aged.

About Me

Morse and his five brothers came to Ratty Corner as fosters, but it took me too long to find them homes and I became to attached to them all. They then had a respiratory infection which affected some more than others, Morse seemingly the least affected - he has some residual wheezing but it doesn't seem to slow him down.

Morse was a rat who I did't feel incredibly close to, so I began to make an effort to give him attention each time they came out. It's really paid dividends. He began seeking me out for a cuddle and will now stop what he's doing and lean into my hand when I stroke him.

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