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Gender: buck

Variety: himalayan (meant to be PEW)

Born: 13th July 2006

Died: 24th April 2008

Origin: Rainbow Rats

Littermates: Darwin

Health: very good.
17th Nov 2007 - mites - Ivermectin.
24th Nov 2007 - still scabby - Ivermectin 2nd dose.
2nd Nov 2007 - scabby yet - trying Frontline.
21st Feb 2008 - scabby again. Ivermectin.
19th Mar 2008 - Scabby again. Ivermectin.
10th Apr 2008 - Looking generally unwell. Slight chest noise. Put on Baytril.
16th Apr 2008 - Looking a little better. Still not right.
22nd Apr 2008 - Dehydrated, floppy, lost weight. 0.1ml inj Convenia and sub-q fluid. Return in 2 days.
24th Apr 2008 - No real improvement, struggling for breath. PTS.

Temperament: lovely little man. Occasionally shy.

About Maxwell

Max has a very pronounced sway, so he looks as if he's trying to hypnotise you! He tolerates being cuddled, although he's a little shy and would rather be off doing things.

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