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Gender: buck

Variety: black hooded rex

Date of Birth: 22nd July 2006

Date of Death: 13th November 2007

Cause of Death: Respiratory failure

Origin: rescue kitten, foster who stayed.

Litter mates: Archimedes, Doppler, Hubble, Morse, Tesla

Health: poor, respiratory problems, underweight.
June 2007 - pneumonia, recovered.
October 2007 - incredibly underweight. Breathing laboured. Still pottering round and eating soft food.

Temperament: lovely, cheeky boy.

About Me

I came to Ratty Corner as a foster baby, and I was going to be rehomed with a nice lady but it didn't work out. Mum realised she was too attached to me to let me go, so I stayed here. I'm a little tyke and I get myself into scrapes, but everybody loves me. I'm wheezy a lot of the time. Mum thinks me and my brothers have poor immune systems because we keep getting poorly.

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