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Gender: buck

Variety: silver fawn hooded

Date Of Birth: 22nd July 2006

Date Of Death: 23rd November 2007

Age: 16 months

Origin: rescue kitten, foster who stayed.

Litter mates: Archimedes, Edison, Hubble, Morse, Tesla

Health: poor, respiratory problems.
24th Oct 2007: Having gasping fits over past day. Salbutamol inhaler seems to help. Vet gave injection of Draxxin and instruction to use Baytril/Dex mixture already prescribed for Pyramus.
22nd Nov 2007: Put to sleep due to recurrent panicky gasping fits. So sorry I couldn't make you better Doppy. :-(

Temperament: slightly cage agressive. Scent wipes.

About Me

I came to Ratty Corner as a foster kitten with my five brothers. When no-one adopted us mum decided we were meant to stay here. I'm a busy boy who loves a cuddle. I suffer from regular bouts of Myco, and mum worries about me and my brothers.

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