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Gender: buck

Variety: agouti variegated

Born: 13th July 2006

Died: 17th September 2008

Origin: Rainbow Rats

Litter mates: Maxwell

Health: very good. Incredibly prone to getting mites.
17th Nov 2007 - mites - Ivermectin.
24th Nov 2007 - still scabby - Ivermectin 2nd dose.
2nd Dec 2007 - still scabby! - trying Frontline.
11th Dec 2007 - still scabby. There's no way he still has mites. Waiting for some gel stuff from Acrorats.
15th Dec 2007 - First Dermagel treatment. He hates me now.
16th Dec 2007 - Dermagel must help - he let me put it on without protest.
18th Dec 2007 - Persevering with the Dermagel. I think it's making a difference.
29th Jan 2008 - Skin is much better.
21st Feb 2008 - Scabby again. Ivermectin.
19th Mar 2008 - Scabby again. Ivermectin.
18th Apr 2008 - Darwin is far less scabby nowadays. Previously he's always had lingering scabby bits. I'm wondering if he was having problems with the Ecobed, as the improvement seemed to come when we changed to Finacard.
22nd Apr 2008 - Infection in right eye. Fucithalmic eye drops.
12th May 2008 - Eye not much better. Small stye or lump may be causing it. Advised to watch and wait.
18th Jun 2008 - Eye still has porphyrin. Small lump on tail, possible abscess. Ivermectin for scabs.
29th Jul 2008 - Back legs beginning to get weak.
22nd Aug 2008 - Back legs continuing to weaken. Some weight loss. Otherwise looking healthy. Porphyrin in eye has almost gone.
6th Sept 2008 - Living mostly in the hammock. Stained round both eyes. Needs encouragement to eat. Back legs very weak. :-(
17th Sept 2008 - PTS

Temperament: Used to nip sometimes. Wanna-be alpha for four months, eventually castrated. Living with two younger cagemates and not involved in power struggles at all.

About Darwin

Darwin was almost named Zachary, but he didn't look like a Zach, so I had to rethink. Then I realised that with his brother named Maxwell I could start a scientist and inventor theme, so he was called Darwin. It suits him very well, I feel.

After Darwin spent four months causing problems trying to take over as alpha rat, I had him neutered. It made it more peaceful in the cage, but he still takes no nonsense. With me he's a snuggly, cuddly boy who enjoys a fuss. He has moments still when he gets excited and bunny hops around the playpen like a kitten.

Darwin is incredibly, incredibly prone to mites. He has a really bad scabby reaction to them and scratches such that even after treatment he is still an itchy mess and usually needs a vet visit to get a jab to stop the itchies. I can't remember what the injection is called.

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