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Archimedes (Archie)


Gender: buck

Variety: champagne hooded

Date of Birth: 22nd July 2006

Date of Death: 8th January 2008

Origin: rescue kitten, foster who stayed.

Litter mates: Doppler, Edison, Hubble, Morse, Tesla

Health: poor, respiratory problems, tends to be underweight.

Temperament: sweet little man.

About Archie

Archie and his five brothers came to Ratty Corner as fosters, but it took me too long to find them homes and I became to attached to them all. They then had a respiratory infection which affected some more than others, but left Archie as a very small rat with far less energy than a youngster should have. At six months old Archie had pneumonia, but pulled through. I don't know if this did him any favours; he breathes heavily and acts like a much older rat, but he keeps on keeping on. Archie doesn't much like being held as I think it restricts him and he needs all the air he can get, but he enjoys being stroked gently and talked to.

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