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Gender: buck

Variety: black hooded

Date of Birth: 15th September 2005

Date of Death: 5th December 3007

Origin: accidental litter - no history

Health: very good
November 2007 - looking old and ill.
5th December 2007 - Put to sleep.

Temperament: Good whilst alpha. Becoming difficult once older and no longer holding alpha position.

About Oliver

Olly came to Ratty Corner as a companion for Toby. He was one of three boys left from an accidental litter. He was small for his age at first, 104g at 6 weeks and looking like a little mouse, but he soon caught up. He's very brave and bold, and when he was tiny he liked to tease the older boys to get them into trouble for chasing him. He's called Oliver because he's olluva wriggle, one of those rats who never stops.

Oliver held alpha position for a long time in a big group of boys, but once he became older and a little frail they threw him out. He was very reluctant to be returned to the cage, so I put him in with a group of old and ill boys whom he already knew from the past. This was fine until the three oldest boys passed away, and then Olly began bullying the two wheezy boys who were left and he had to be moved out. He spent a couple of months alone, despite my best efforts to find some companions he would accept, before moving back in with the remaining ill boy. His health had deteriorated by this time, so he no longer attempted to take over and they now dodder along together in comparative harmony.


MRC Christmas Show, December 2005Best Hooded Kitten
MRC Christmas Show, December 2005Best Hooded Rat

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