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Photo courtesy of Sawyers Photographic

Black hooded, born late 2004?, died 14th November 2006

About Me

I came to Ratty Corner in May 2005 as a foster rat because the rescue where I was living had to close down. Mum thought I looked around 6 months old, but didn't get any record of my history. I wasn't that used to handling, but I was very willing to learn so I soon had them charmed. I'm now a permanent resident.

Mum tried to introduce me to the boys, but we didn't get along too well. Then she had me neutered and tried me with the girls, but Vixen and Blaize took a dislike to me and wouldn't let me play. Then in November 2005 I finally got to move in with the girls. I'm now settled in and 'one of the gang'.

I won the rosette for the curiosity contest at the Acrorats Fun Day, by sniffing 11 of the 12 objects on a table.

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