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Black Striped Roan (European Banded Husky) from Julie Oliver at Valhalla Rats, born 13th June 2003, died 17th December 2004 from kidney failure.

About Me

I'm a handsome little striped roan (aka husky) boy. I'm quite solid, and like to get my own way. I quite like to be held, but only when I want to be. I'm called Wolfie because I'm a husky and huskies look a little like wolves. My pet human is Ginnie.

The European Husky

Wolfie Pictures

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This is Wolfie's family tree. Are any of your rats related to him?

ParentsGrandparents Great Grandparents
Sire: Valhalla Carrot Junior Sire: Rowangate Waterman Sire: Rowangate Danny
Dam: Rowangate Columbia
Dam: Valhalla Nami Sire: Rowangate Vimes
Dam: Rowangate Acer
Dam: Kelly Sire: Merlin Sire: Merlin Snr
Dam: Susy
Dam: Katie Sire: Billy
Dam: Jessie

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