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Black Rex born early June 2003, died 24th March 2006.

About Me

I'm a black rexy boy with a coat like crushed velvet. My pet human Kimothy has named me Vladimir because it sounds vampirish and I have nice black vampire hair. I have a very cheeky face and I feel like a soft velvet bean bag. I'm an adventurous boy who seems to know just what's going on.

I came to live at Ratty Corner when I was small after I was left behind at a show with my brother Henry and two of my sisters. One of my sisters didn't survive, but the other found a good home too.

I'm a prizewinner now! I won the Reserve Best in Show in the 'Small Furries' Pet Show at the Acrorats Fun Day. Not bad for a rescue ratty!


Acrorats & MRC 6th March 2004Junior Owned Pet Buck
Acrorats & MRC 6th March 2004Reserve Best in Show

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