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Blue Agouti from Tennyson Stud, born 23rd June 2003, died 18th October 2004.

About Me

I was a cute boy who has slightly mismatched ears. I was very calm and unflustered and would sit quietly to be petted. My pet human wass Joe, but I didn't always want to come out of the cage to say hello so big Mum had to remember to take me out for a cuddle. I was called Storm because I was grey like a storm cloud.

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MRC 2nd August 2003Agility Special Award

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This is Storm's family tree. Are any of your rats related to him?

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Sire: Hendrix, Black Eyed Cream Sire: Pegasus Saul, Siamese Sire: Pegasus Hawthorn, Seal Point Siamese Sire: Lord Mountebanks, Siamese
Dam: Amirante Snowdrop Himalayan
Dam: Maid Marion, Himalayan Sire: Bumble Siamese
Dam: Silver, Siamese
Dam: Daughter of Katmando, Black-Eyed Himalayan Sire: Unknown Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Dam: Katmando, Black Eyed Himalayan Sire: Neptune, Black Eyed Himalayan
Dam: Laudanum, Black Eyed Himalayan
Dam: Tennyson Madison Blue Sire: Devon of Alpha Centauri, Blue Agouti Sire: Aragorn of Alpha Centauri, Pearl Sire: Serendipity Aristarchus, Pearl
Dam: Rattenfanger Amber Cinnamon Pearl
Dam: Janine of Alpha Centauri, Blue Agouti Sire: Basil of Alpha Centauri, Silver Blue
Dam: Rowangate Chelsea, Agouti
Dam: Tennyson Salome, Agouti Sire: Tennyson Buxton, Blue Agouti Sire: Windsor of Alpha Centauri, Blue Agouti
Dam: Tennyson Venice Blue Agouti
Dam: Tennyson Eve, Black Sire: Marlin of Alpha Centauri, Blue
Dam: Tennyson Constance, Agouti

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