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Agouti from Fauna Rattery, born 1st December 2003, died 20th February 2005

Stitch, by Tommy Kovac

About Me

My 'kittens for sale' cage was left next to the Ratty Corner stand at a show. I was the only boy left, so Kim decided to bring me home with her. She named me after a character in a book by Tommy Kovac.

So that I wouldn't be all alone, Fizgig and Button came home from the show with me too.

I was put to sleep when I was just 14 months old with an inoperable bladder tumour.

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This is Stitch's family tree. Are any of your rats related to him?

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Sire: Artworks Ash, Pink Eyed WhiteSire: Larkspur Ratmandu, Himalayan Rex DumboSire: Larkspur Neo, Agouti DumboSire: Solomon, Black Dumbo
Dam: Aster Cinnamon Dumbo
Dam: Larkspur Laurel, Cinnamon Rex DumboSire: Arco Russian Blue Agouti Rex
Dam: Dax, Cinnamon Dumbo
Dam: Pegasus Isis, Black Eyed HimalayanSire: Ansbrook Asterix, Black Eyed HimalayanSire: Pegasus Saul, Siamese
Dam: Ansbrook Daughter of Katmandu Black Eyed Himalayan
Dam: Pegasus Prunella, SiameseSire: Arrow, Siamese
Dam: Pegasus Sabrina, Siamese
Dam: Fauna Aralia CinnamonSire: Headstrong Hovis, Cinnamon RexSire: Headstrong Jiggy Miggy, Cinnamon RexSire: Headstrong Summatis, Agouti Rex
Dam: Holywood Toast Cinnamon
Dam: Headstrong Ruby, Havana RoanSire: Headstrong Balatro Black Berkshire
Dam: Headstrong Stiria, Black Berkshire
Dam: Valhalla Saffron, CinnamonSire: Valhalla Helmholtz, Cinnamon BerkshireSire: Agouti
Dam: Blossom Pink Eyed White
Dam: Cookie, Pink Eyed WhiteSire: Ferdinand, Pearl
Dam: Harriet, Cinnamon

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