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Shorty, silver fawn hooded girl born around October 2003, died 19th April 2006

About Me

I came to stay at Ratty Corner at about 13 months old because my owner was slightly allergic to me and felt I needed more attention.

I'd always lived alone, but I soon got used to being with the other girls and now I love being in the middle of a rat heap. I have a nice even stripe for showing although it doesn't quite reach my tail, but mum thinks I would get upset being judged, so I'll probably just visit shows as a shoulder rat.

I gave mum a fright shortly after I came here because I started to look pregnant and gained a lot of weight, but I was just playing tricks on her. Either I had a phantom pregnancy or I reabsorbed my litter, but mum can't think how I could have managed a liaison with the boys.

I'm getting much more friendly now. I like being out and will tolerate being held even though I squeak when I'm picked up. I'm learning not to bite hands, but I still nip the other girls on the face sometimes and then I get told off.

Shorty finally discovered the joys of being held and petted as she began to feel her age in the month before she died.

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