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Russian Blue Point Siamese Dumbo from Julie Oliver at Valhalla Rats, born 16th June 2003, died 31st January 2006

About Me

I'm a dumbo boy with the most enormous ears. I do the sweet dumbo look very well. My pet human Ginnie has named me Ron after Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter stories. I'm a shy little boy and like to burrow down inside people's clothes, but they haul me back out again because I nibble.


MRC 2nd April 2005Most laid back buck

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This is Ron's family tree. Are any of your rats related to him?

ParentsGrandparents Great Grandparents
Sire: Valhalla Batrat Sire: Pendragon's Hoover Sire: Greenman's Mint
Dam: Pendragon's Cloud
Dam: Delphinium of Alpha Centauri Sire: Viola's Inka
Dam: Pendragon's Atlanta
Dam: Valhalla Papaver Sire: Valhalla Ask Sire: Green Dream Medeleev
Dam: Artworks Campanula
Dam: Gambol Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

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