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Pink Eyed White born in June 2003, died 25th August 2005

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I'm a little white lad who was left alone in a pet shop after all of my brothers and sisters were sold. I was discovered when I was about three months old by a friend of Ratty Corner who couldn't keep me because she only has girl ratties.

I have become a very contented boy, bruxing and boggling with pleasure when I have my head stroked. I've settled in well with the other youngsters. My special human is Kim, who loves to let me sit on her shoulder.

It took me a little while to learn how to be a naughty ratty, but now I'm getting really good at it! I can't see too well, so when I get nervous I tend to nip the other ratties and fingers that sneak up on me. I can do a fantastic snowball impression when I'm mad! I learnt what was good to eat by copying the other ratties, because I was scared of strange food when I first arrived.

When I was eight months old, I had to be neutered because I was being too aggressive towards the other boys. Then shortly after my neuter I developed a nasty eye infection which didn't respond to treatment, so had to have my eye removed. Mum thinks maybe my eye dried out during the operation. Next the eye socket became infected, so I had to have yet another operation. Despite all of this, I'm now a cuddly affectionate boy who zooms around the cage with the other lads.

A year after the removal of the eye the socket became re-infected. The infection spread to Gandalf's jaw, and after several weeks of treatment he could no longer eat so we made the sad decision to have him put to sleep.

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