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Agouti Dumbo from Karen Adams, born 19th November 2003, died 29th March 2006

About Me

I'm an agouti dumbo boy. I came to live here with my brother, Button, to keep Stitch company. I used to be a bit of a live wire, but now I'm extremely fat and quite shy. I was neutered when I was a teenager, so now Button and Stitch are both gone I live with Dove, my shy little girl friend.

Mum is worried about my weight, but can't seem to stop it increasing - I even trip over my stomach when I try to walk! Mum's put a food bowl high on the cage wall for Dove so that she can put less in the main food bowl. Very frustrating because I can smell the food but I can't climb up to it. Dove helps me because she hides her food in the igloo so I can eat it there.


MRC 5th February 2005Best Junior Owned Pet Buck
MRC 5th February 2005Most Laid Back

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This is Fizgig's family tree. Are any of your rats related to him?

ParentsGrandparents Great GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Sire: GismoSire: Valhalla Havoc Sire: Valhalla Batrat Sire: Pendragon's Hoover
Dam: Delphinium of Alpha Centauri
Dam: Valhalla Papaver Sire: Valhalla Ask
Dam: Gambol
Dam: TarrahSire: Tara Sire: Danny Sire: Willow
Dam: Josey
Dam: Sky Sire: Merlin
Dam: Tammy

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