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Agouti Dumbo from Karen Adams, born 19th November 2003, died 13th June 2005.

About Button

Button was a calm and cuddly agouti dumbo boy. He liked to look smart, so he always groomed his hair into a centre parting which he thought made him look quite dapper. He came to live here with his brother, Fizgig, because Stitch needed some youngsters to keep him company. Button's special human was Ginnie.

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This is Button's family tree. Are any of your rats related to him?

ParentsGrandparents Great GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Sire: GismoSire: Valhalla Havoc Sire: Valhalla Batrat Sire: Pendragon's Hoover
Dam: Delphinium of Alpha Centauri
Dam: Valhalla Papaver Sire: Valhalla Ask
Dam: Gambol
Dam: TarrahSire: Tara Sire: Danny Sire: Willow
Dam: Josey
Dam: Sky Sire: Merlin
Dam: Tammy

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