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Black patched, bred by Estelle at Alpha Centauri, born 9th April 2002, died 19th October 2004.

About Me

I was called Pirate because I had a patch on one eye, but as I grew older I developed one on the other eye, so maybe I should have been called Biggles instead.

I was the biggest of the rats at one time, but fell out with a succession of companions so eventually lived in a cage of my own, with heaps of attention from my people.


ERG 2004Agility - 4th Adult Owned Buck
MRC 2004Most Entertaining Agility Run

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This is Zorro's and Pirate's family tree. Are any of your rats related to them?

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Sire: Spot, Black capped with spotsSire: Milo Marshall, Mink barebackSire: Milo Baby Black Hooded Sire: Bob , Pearl Irish
Dam: Cuddles Mink Berkshire
Dam: Panya Daisy Mink Capped Sire: Hollywood Stud - Black-eyed White
Dam: Panya Stud - Black-eyed White
Dam: Milo Alice, Champagne HoodedSire: Milo Boston Seal Point Siamese Sire: Milo Champ Seal Point Siamese
Dam: Chamese Seal Point Siamese
Dam: Milo Alaska Seal Point Siamese Hooded Sire: Milo Luke Seal Point Siamese
Dam: Tethys Sammy Seal Point Siamese Hooded
Dam: Pebbles Black-eyed WhiteSire: Fred of Alpha Centauri Black-eyed WhiteSire: Mirage Frosty Black-Eyed White Sire: Mirage - Black Capped
Dam: Mirage doe Black Varigated
Dam: Mirage Xena Flecked Black eyed white Sire: Mirage Fleck Flecked Black-eyed White
Dam: Mirage Madam White
Dam: Tuie of Alpha Centauri, Black VarigatedSire: Panya Ollie Mink Capped Sire: Hollywood Stud - Black-eyed White
Dam: Panya Stud - Black-eyed White
Dam: Penny Silver Black Irish Sire: Fuscus Dark Phase Pearl
Dam: Tiro Black Husky

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