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Russian Silver Blue, bred by Estelle at Alpha Centauri, 10th August 2001 to 21st August 2003

About Quicky

Quicksilver was a very special ratty, with a very close bond to Joe, his pet human. He was the smallest of our first three ratties, but also the boss due to his character and determination and only lost his top spot when he began to suffer from chest problems as he approached 2 years old.

Quicky was a wonderful silver blue colour, much admired. He had a great affinity for sleeves, with the belief that if he pushed hard enough he could fit up the tightest of gaps. He was kissy boy and veteran shoulder rider.

Quicksilver pictures

What Do I Weigh?

7 months431g
7.5 months436g
8 months454g
9 months488g
10 months482g
11 ¼ months483g
12 months489g
13 months485g
14 months490g
22 ¼ months560g

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This is Quicksilver's family tree. Are any of your rats related to him?

ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Sire: Pendragon's Ivor, Russian Blue RexSire: Aristo's Axel (Dutch Import), Silver Russian BlueSire: Abacus Ingen Vag, Russian Blue Agouti IrishSire: LL Expensive, Russian Blue Berkshire
Dam: Abacus Wallows, Agouti Irish
Dam: Aristo's Rusia Res-Q, Russian BlueSire: Viola's Adish, Russian Blue Berkshire
Dam: Dagmar's Vashti, Russian Blue
Dam: Dagmar's Woonta Eve, Dumbo-Eared Blue Agouti RexSire: Dagmar's Siegfried, Dumbo-Eared Fawn RexSire: Aristorat's Goliath (US Import), Dumbo_Eared Fawn Berkshire
Dam: Bo of Zonien, Dumbo-Eared Double Rex
Dam: Dagmar's Qlaudia, MinkSire: Dagmar's Ibo, Dumbo-Eared Odd-Eyed Chinchilla Blaze
Dam: Fee, Ruby-Eyed American Blue
Dam: Viola's Indira, Russian BlueSire: Kaeso Ratfields, Russian BlueSire: Hara Ratfields, Russian BlueSire: Oliver Van Aristorats, Black
Dam: Daklia, Russian Blue
Dam: Tor Ratfields, BlackSire: Charlie Ratfields, Russian Blue
Dam: Hirka Ratfields, Black
Dam: Viola's Escada, American Blue AgoutiSire: Viola's Aubrey, Russian Blue AgoutiSire: Alan-a-Dale Van Aristorats, Russian Blue
Dam: Xilia Van Aristorats, Agouti Berkshire Rex
Dam: Dagmar's Quirina, Platinum Blaze BerkshireSire: Dagmar's Ibo, Dumbo-Eared Odd-Eyed Chinchilla Blaze
Dam: Fee, Ruby-Eyed American Blue

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