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Samuel, 7 weeks

Male Syrian Hamster from Whiskers and Tails pet shop, born around June 26th 2002, died 14th December 2004.

About Me

I'm an extremely friendly little chap who has never even attempted to nip or bite anyone. My people say it's like holding a feather when they pick me up, because I'm so light and fluffy. They think that's because I'm a picky eater, and I'm always busy busy. I spend my nights running on my wheel and trotting around my cage. I look like a tiny show dog, stepping high and holding my head up as I trot around.

I'm a very clean little boy, much better trained than those big ratties. I'll even get out of bed to go to my toilet corner. Unlike the girlie hamsters, I hardly ever scent mark, but I luuuurve the smells they leave behind. I didn't chew my cage like those silly girlies, but I've got a new big cage just like them because it gives me plenty of room to run around in.


MRC 30th November 2002Best Small Furry
MRC 1st February 2003Best Small Furry
MRC 6th December 2003Best Small Furry

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What Do I Weigh?

4 months117 grams
4 3/4 months109 grams
13 months128 grams
14 months142 grams

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None so far

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