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Drucilla, 7 weeks

Female Syrian Hamster, born around June 26th 2002 from Whiskers and Tails pet shop, came to us mid-August 2002. Died 3rd March 2004.

About Me

I came from the pet shop in August because I was just too cute to stay there. I was just a bit naughty when I first came home, because I nipped my people a couple of times, but now I behave as long as I can't smell food on them. I beg to come out of my cage and will walk out onto anyone's hand. I'm a dedicated scent marker, and leave the odour of egg fried rice behind wherever I go.

My ears are very expressive, they stand up when I'm interested in things, sit lopsided when I'm curious, and lie back when I'm unsure. When I'm running fast they lie back to streamline me, because they're so big that they slow me down. My nubbin of a tail is wiggly, it sticks up when I'm excited and waves around when I dig.

I get bored far too easily, and am now on my fourth cage. The first had a plastic lid with a hole for the water bottle. I chewed that one to make the hole bigger. The second was a glass tank, but I walked upside down on the mesh ceiling and made my toes bleed. Then I had a plastic tank with a higher lid, but I got bored and attacked the water bottle. My people took the water bottle out and fixed it through a hole in the side, so I attacked the tube and made my mouth sore. They gave me a water bowl instead, which I buried.

Finally I had a big wire cage with lots of room, toys to play with and a water bowl to drink from on a shelf. I still begged to come out and I kept falling off the ceiling of the cage. My people made sure that my toys were all under my shelf, so I either had a short fall to my shelf or I landed on soft litter. Finally they realised that the silly little hamster wheel in my cage was too small, so they gave me a big wheel that the ratties didn't use. Now I run, run, run all night, and I don't get bored and hang around on my ceiling any more.

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What Do I Weigh?

7 weeks97 grams
14 weeks115 grams
13 months159 grams
14 months164 grams

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