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The five younger male dwarf hamsters reside in the barred apartment at the bottom. These are Titan, Tethys, Atlas, Janus and Mimas. They have several wheels because they all like to run at once. This is an old photo which shows a different arrangement in the cage.

Next to them live Frodo, Merry and Pippin the older male dwarf hamsters. This cage is a Bernie Deluxe which we bought several years ago.

Directly above the barred cage live four female dwarf hamsters in a Gabber Criceto Rex. Hocus is the mother of all the other dwarf hammies, and her three daughters who live with her are Miyoko, Kagami and Tameka.

Finally, on the top storey, live Suki and Maya, Hocus' youngest two daughters. in a Savic Rodin Hamster cage.

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