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Bethany, 7 weeks

Female Syrian Hamster, born around June 26th 2002 from Whiskers and Tails pet shop, came to us 25th October 2002. She left us on April 29th 2004.

About Me

I'm a friendly little lady with brown spectacles and fancy white gloves. I sometimes taste my people, but I've only ever bitten hard when I was stuck fast in a silly hamster toy. I only got out when my people put vaseline all over my rear end.

I'm much bigger and more solid than my brother and sister, and enjoy eating whatever comes my way. I'm very good at scent marking, and make all of my people smell like scampi. I chewed a big hole in my first cage, so now I have a nice new big one.

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What Do I Weigh?

4 months189 grams
13 months225 grams
14 months220 grams

Vet Visits

None so far

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