Ratty Corner


Rats are cute,
Rats are sweet,
Rats have tiny pink hands and feet.
With a brux brux
Boggle boggle
Give a rat a snack,
Hide it then come running back.

Rats are clean,
Watch them groom,
But some bucks are greasy spoons.
With a splish splash
Struggle struggle
Give a boy a bath.
Floating turds: the aftermath.

Head to toe,
Limb to limb,
I'm a ratty jungle gym.
With a dive dive
Scramble scramble
Down my shirt they go,
Out my sleeve and to and fro.

Squishy boy,
At my heel,
Lumber like a landlocked seal.
With a hop hop
Waddle waddle
Come on up to me.
Drape yourself across my knee.

Clamber climb,
Hurry haste,
This girl has no time to waste
With a skip skip
And skedaddle
Busybody doe,
Pet her while she's on the go.

Filth and plague,
Nasty vermin,
Nonsense like that gets me squirmin'.
With a click click
Google Google
Research "rats as pets,"
"Rat clubs," and "exotic vets."

Sign your test,
Sign your quiz,
Show it's yours, not hers or his.
With a crawl crawl
Dribble dribble
Look what's on your shoe.
Ratty showed that she owns you.

reproduced with permission from Lisa Wallace, inspiration from Shawna/Emily Rugburn

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