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A survey of owners of pet rats, that is; Rattus Norvegicus, The Norway Rat, Fancy Rat, or Brown Rat. Please enter any other pet in the Pet Stats survey.

What I hope to do is produce a resource to answer some of the questions that pop up regularly on rat mailing lists and forums - "Is my rat too fat?"; "How long do rats live?"; "Does it really make a difference which litter I keep my rat on?"

The more data I collect, the more accurate the results! You can join in by completing the surveys on the right of this page. Don't worry if you can't answer all of the questions. It's not an exam.


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Why Rats?


I'm not an expert at creating and analysing surveys. By it's nature this survey will pick up those rat lovers who are online and interested enough to reply. The age of a rat will usually be more reliable when it comes from a breeder than from any other source, so comparisons there may be flawed. Replies to some questions will reflect the opinion of the respondant rather than any measureable quantity. In other words, please don't take these results as gospel. It is, though, interesting to see the results.

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