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Question: Why do you keep rats? What are the best and worst things about them?

They are so intelligent. Ratfink my semi-rescue (he belonged to an aquaintance's brother before he developed an allergy) was just like a small dog- except that he thought he was a person. He wanted nothing more than to sit on your knees for endless cuddles. That was the best bit. I miss him terribly

They are so incredibly sweet, fun to watch, curious, don't require an enourmous amount of attention, never/rarely bite Worst things: Get ill often....

There totally adorable and so clever.Can cherr me up even on my worst day.

Why Rats: My rat likes to hang out in my shirt or sports bra all day. We sleep together and she's a very cuddly companion. I wish her pee didn't smell so bad though. And I keep trying to train her to use a litter box, but it's noT workING.

worst thing, why, the only three year life span of course, and all the resipratory problems they can get :(
best - rats being rats :)

Best things:
-amusing to watch
-don't require constant attention
-can be left alone for a day or two
-cuddly and curious
-just plain adorable!

Worst things:
-scatter food everywhere
-shred paper at three am

I love my rats!!!! They keep me sane. Everyone has their own unique personality. I don't think there is a worst thing about them.

i keep rats because they are the most intelligent and friendly animal i know.
the best things about rats is how quickly they usually take to you, they are so friendly and if tamed well never or rarely bite.

They're really sweat and affectionate and smart, and easy to hide from the landlord. The only possible bad thing about them is they annoy my rabbit.

They're cute and smart and friendly and I've never been bitten by any of the ten I've had! the worst bit is they get sick too easily. and generally don't live long enough.

i think they are amazing and so funny, friendly, inteligent x

They make great pets, they are very smart and can be trained quite well. The bad part is the very frequent pee/poo problem.

Best..such big personalities and such fun. Intelligent, affectionate, fantastic entertainment value.
Worst..Susceptibility to Mycoplasma and the fact that their lifespan is so short.


I'm NOT a cat or dog person- I LOVE my rattie kids because they are sooooooo smart, LOVE me as much as I love them, listen better than any other pet I've ever had and are so fun to have around

Best - interactive, funny, intelligent, individual personalities
Worst - short life span

'cos they are cute, and they are great pets for children. Best thing - widdle cute faces etc worst thing - they don't live long and cleaning them out

I heard about their intelligence, clean personal habits and compassion toward each other. My daughter really wanted to get them, so about one year ago I bought her two for her birthday and we both love them so much. My little girl and I are both animal lovers and I thought this would be a good activity we could share. I have to say that I have raised horses, fish, birds, dogs and cats and I love these little guys as much as any other animal I've had.
The best thing about them, I can't think of just one.
The worst thing is I did not start keeping them years ago, I would recommend these guys as pets to anyone!

+: lovely, gentle, intelligent pets
-: die too early

I took her from my granddaughter, after she got a little bite. Best thing is they are smart, loving, entertaining, FUN. worst thing is sneezing health problems, short life span.I want her to live forever.

Best things: unconditional love, whiskers, dainty feet, enthusiasm and zest for life

Worst things: short life span, prone to (respiratory) illness

Because i love them, they are sweet, cuddly, mischievous, smart. All my girls needed a home, so how could i say no.

Best: they are affectionate. they enjoy being with me.

Worst: Watching someone you love start growing a tumor or worrying when you hear one of them sneeze or when they are sick and aren't responding to antibiotics. Just watching someone you love being sick and worrying about them.

I keep them because I love them. I cannot imagine a better pet. We got our first to keep him from being fed to a snake (after he had killed another snake) and had never interacted with an animal who seemed to interact with you as an equal. They don't seem to realize that we aren't just big rats. Also, I have very severe allergies to most animals, but none with the rats. The best thing is the way they always want attention and the worst thing is their short lifespans.

I keep rats because they fit into our lifestyle the best and are just as good, if not better than a dog or cat. The best thing about them is that they are so loving and affectionate, worst thing about them is their short lifespan.

Rats are so full of personality and love. They're also small enough that with the right sized cage, I can care for many of them at one time, unlike larger pets. Their individuality and companionability are my favourite qualities. The knowledge that they'll only be with us for a few years is the worst thing about keeping rats.

I just fell in love with Hattie and life after she had gone just wasn't the same. They are just brilliant.

The worst bit about them is that they just don't live long enough.

They are the perfect pet in every way, apart from the short lifespan, which I still have trouble coping with!

They are a small animal, that is fairly(!!!) inexpensive and easy to keep, but that interacts with you on a different level to animals such as hamsters etc.....

Fun to watch,

Although I do find they get quite smelly!!!!!

I keep them because they are so personable and friendly (like a very small dog!). They love people and attention and are just overall brilliant :)

Bad: Smell and cage cleaning.

Good: Smell and cage cleaning.

Very friendly. Lovable

Great pets for children. Very friendly.

They have wonderful loving personalities . The worst thing about owing rats is the many illnesses they suffer from and their short life span

Love their attitude and intelligence. Worst part is cage cleaning day ;-)

Very interactive intelligent small pets that don't mind being left alone in the daytime or for the occasional weekend. Best thing - intelligent, interactive. Worst thing - cage cleaning, short lifespan

+ Clever little guys with lots of personality.

- Prone to be gravely ill.

Best things: lovable rogues, very affectionate, very intelligent, always there to greet me

Worst things:very messy

Small animals fit my lifestyle better than a cat or dog would. I like rats because they are intelligent, and they are social with me. They have great personalities. The worst thing is that they pee everywhere and chew everything!

Rats are my friends. They tolerate me.


  • Intelligent (make a great pet)
  • Inquisitive (love to explore inside my shirt)
  • Friendly (always happy to have a cuddle)


  • Intelligent (always getting into mischief)
  • Inquisitive (love to explore behind the computer)
  • Friendly (always happy to share their urine)

Because...I just adore them and think they're wonderful! The best things about them are their personalities, and also their cuteness! The worst things are their short lifespans, myriad of health problems, and tendancy to mark and deposit raisins.

I keep rats because they are so friendly and intelligent and like no other pet in the world! I also think that the fact they are 'different' and not that many people own them appeals to me. The best thing about them is that they are loyal and would recognise their owner from a stranger ... like a dog. unlike creatures such as hamsters who seem to have no emotional ties at all! The worst thing has to be the smell ! my bucks scent-mark

I have wanted rats since I was young but my mum hated them and then my husband had a phobia about them. After many years he agreed to me having two, I was so in love with them he agreed to more. We now have eleven and he is not so phobic about them. I love how loving they are and the funny things they do. The worst thing is their short lifespan and how unexpectedly they can die. My lovely Lily went so quickly we didn't even have time to get her to a vet, the day before she was her usual healthy self.

Lovely, intelligent and funny cuddlies !!

Best - How happy they make me

Worst - Smell

I've had other pocket pets in the past, but the first time I got a rat, she stole my heart for the species in general. I find rats more interested in interacting with me. The other rodent types were indifferent to my presents.

The best thing is that they are very much like a small dog in the way they act and in the way that they want to interact with me.

Worse thing is the short lifespan of course. Because I have so many rats, at any given time, I have a huge range of ages, from babies to past 2 years old. The heartbreak is taking care of the old, sick ones. The illnesses of Myco and Tumors are really depressing me.

Amazing creatures, loving, clever, hours of fun, easy to clean out. way better than hamsters i had as a child. will always keep them in the future.

cant think of anything i dislike apart from their reputation as filthy critters and vermin....it is the people that are the real vermin not the rats...we need to change this !!!

I love their sweet demenors, they make me laugh all the time. They are very easy to keep and take care of.

The worst thing is that they have such a short life span, and that there is not a lot of research on pet rat diseases in the veterinary world, so diseases that could be treatable (like respiratory ones) are currently fatal.

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