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I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed keeping rats when our children asked if they could have some. I wasn't sure that Daddy would agree, but when asked his reply was sufficiently neutral to seal his fate.

Because I couldn't find any local pet shops that stocked rats, and because I'm addicted to playing with the computer, I began to research rats on the Internet. I was amazed at the amount of information available, and soon joined the Rat Lovers UK mailing list on Yahoo, through which we found our new pets.

We bought a nice big cage ready for its new inhabitants, and arranged to collect three baby rats at the end of September 2001, when they were seven weeks old - big enough to leave their mums. We got them from The Rats of Alpha Centauri, and collected them from the Midlands Rat Club Show in Birmingham.

These are pictures of our kittens or their littermates, taken from the Alpha Centuri site.

A light blue,
a darker Blue,
and a Russian Silver Blue

We were so pleased when we brought our babies home. They were very friendly - happy to come out and play right from the beginning. These new babies had been handled right from birth, so they were brilliant pets straight away. My previous ratties came from a pet shop and were older when I got them, so were not nearly as easy to handle at first.

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