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The History

Ratty Corner combines my two hobbies of web site creation and rat keeping. It began as a corner - the ratty corner - of our family website, which itself evolved from a printed magazine. Eventually it became my main focus, and gained its own url. Over the years I've added an insane number of photos and a lot of other information. Then Ratty Corner became the name of my ratabilia stand at local rat shows. It still remains in the form of some online gift shops, but I soon discovered that I was never going to make my fortune selling ratty goods.

Club Memberships

I've been a member of the Midlands Rat Club since 2001 and a committee member from 2002 to 2008 and again from 2013 onwards. I am also a member of the North of England Rat Society and the National Fancy Rat Society, which I have now joined three times because I keep letting my membership lapse. Doh!

Breeding, writing, drawing.

As of Summer 2008 I have been breeding rats under the name of Brandywine, earning my NFRS stud name in 2011. In 2014 I published the guide that I give to new owners, as 'The rattycorner.com Rat Care Guide'. This spurred me on to produce two more books during that year. Towards the end of that year I bought a graphics tablet and am now producing drawings of my own rats and other people's, with any moneys paid being donated to the PDSA. The next book will be an illustrated children's book. I have the text but it's taking me a while to find the right illustration style.

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