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A collection of cage pictures from our visitors. Click on the photos to see a larger version, or look at our slide show.

Custom Built

Built by Ryan Prentice using 35 feet of hardware cloth. large size piclarge size pic

The Rat Castle (pelznasen burg) co-built by The Girl from Mars
large size pic

Mischief Manor - Kady's Corner Cage large size pic

Louise's Custom Cage, built from wire shelving. large size pic

Paint & Smudge's Cage - custom built cages with a long rat run between them. large size pic

The Batchelor Pad, built by Tammy's Father large size pic

Bill's cage - using an underbed storage box instructions

Kaz's cage large size pic


Anna's Cage large size pic

Lucy's Gabber Cage large size pic

Lucy's Tower - 2 stacked Gabber Cages large size pic large size pic

Lucy's Furet Extra Large large size pic

The Travel Cabin, customised by Cathy large size pic

Uni-dom cage owned by The Girl from Mars
large size pic

The Ratty Corner cage, a Superpet Deluxe Multi-Floor Ferret Home large size pic

Ratty Corner is the home of Brandywine Stud, NFRS Registration 2011-04

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