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Ratty Toy Ideas

In the cage

A cracker full of nuts in their shells, banana chips, dog bicuits and other rattie treats.

Hang some apple or carrot to keep your ratties amused.

Rat piñata - fill a toilet roll with treats, fold down the ends and it tie up on a string.

When you see workmen laying pipes, ask if they have any offcuts.

Cosy boxes are good to cram into.

Paper bags are just as good, and you can line your nest with them later.

You can never have too much nesting material!

Inside or outside the cage, boiled eggs can take a long time to open!

Punch a hole in the corner of some phone book pages and hang them in the cage.

- It's chaos but it's fun.

Out of the cage

Box houses and castles will keep your ratties busy.

Old clothes make great tunnels.

Make a 'toybox' of shiny stones, seashells and wooden parrot beads.

Feather boas and clean feathers are irresistable too.

Make a digging box with sterile potting compost.

For less mess, a diving bowl of shredded paper.

A diving box of old wrapping paper, maybe with a hole or two near the bottom of the box.

Look out for pots of cat grass at your pet shop to grow for your ratties.

A climbing frame made from a wine rack.

Fishing for peas in a bowl always goes down well...

although the water gets a little wet at times.

Our battery powered ornamental water fountain goes down well, although it has got rather chewed.

Tumble dryer ducting threaded in and out of a box.

The best toys of all... are other ratties to play with!.

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