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Ferplast Furet Plus

Furet Plus

Width: 80cm
Depth: 50cm
Height: 70cm
Bar Spacing: 1.5cm
Cleaning Time:

This is a lovely cage. In the new version it comes flat packed, with sliding plastic corner pieces to hold it together. It has the same footprint as the Savic Freddy 2, but is just a little taller. The door is in the centre of the front and is a nice big size. There is also a large door in top. The top isn't very easy to remove for cleaning, but the access is good enough not to need it. All the bars are horizontal, which is fantastic for climbing, but not so good for keeping water bottles vertical.

The only think I find awkward with this cage is fitting hammocks, as they can't attach directly to the corners because of the sliding pieces. It took my second assembly of the cage before the lightbulb moment came. You need to attach a split ring to the two sides before you slide the corner piece down through it.

According to the cage calculator this cage could hold four rats, but I would prefer to keep three or fewer in here.

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