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The Explorer

Width with stand: 97.5cm (99.5 with wheels)
Depth with stand: 67.5cm
Height with stand: 160cm
Width cage only: 94cm
Depth cage only: 64cm
Height cage only: 122cm
Bar Spacing: 18mm (16mm gap, 2mm bars)
Clearance under stand: 36cm
Gap between stand bars: 24cm
Tray depth: 25mm
Cleaning Time:

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So far this cage seems almost perfect. The cage is large enough for twelve rats, and in theory the access can be blocked in the middle so that the cage can be split into two cages suitable for 6 rats each. There are plenty of options for hammock hanging, as the small shelves have places to attach the hammocks underneath, and both the upper and lower levels have mesh ceilings. The only downside really are the vertical bars - harder to climb than horizontal, so some older rats will struggle.

This cage has dark grey hammered effect paint, which makes it easy to see into the cage to watch the rats. The two base trays are black plastic with raised edges about 2.5cm high; a little low to keep litter in. Most of my rats are happy using a cat litter tray, so I've lined the cage trays with fleece. The trays aren't a fantastic fit into the base of the cage, having a gap around the edges. I put a layer of cushion flooring underneath to stop them rattling and to cover the bare bars around the edge of the tray.

The cage moves easily around on castors, which are lockable. The stand seems nice and sturdy, though the storage space underneath is hard to use as the stand bar goes across the front.

My cage was bought second hand, but the new ones are currently £125 from Pet World Direct.


I now have three Explorer cages, and feel they are the best cages I've ever had. I'm using each one split into two cages, because I'm settling on groups of five at the moment and that fits nicely into one half. The shelves have gone - I just couldn't stand the mess they made on them,but having hung a chain down the front of each cage I can now clip one corner of hammocks to that and use the whole of the space. I love the bendy ropes you can get too; I've found some four foot wide ones that will go from corner to corner across the cage.

I have had metal trays made for all of my cages. The dimensions I used were 600mm x 900mm x80mm. Some people I believe have gone for 595mm x 895mm to allow more clearance, but I like the fit of mine. I have painted them, but the edges are getting chipped due to chewers.

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