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The Fop Cleide

(Similar but not identical to the Fop Siria - it has different accessories and door style.)

Manufacturer's photo

Width: 90cm
Depth: 51cm
Height: 73cm
Bar Spacing: narrow
Cleaning Time: 35 minutes

The Cleide is a nice sized cage for three or four rats, the cage calculator puts it at five rat size. The bars are narrow spaced so it's fine for young kittens. The really special thing about this cage is that it flat packs, which means you can pack it away into the base when it's not being used. It comes with a useful corner igloo, a couple of ladders, and a wheel which is not at all tail safe so that can go in the bin, unless you have some very large hamsters. The two shelves provided give the impression that they were designed for a different cage - the positioning of the fixings doesn't allow you to attach it to the sides of the cage, just the front and back, leaving a worrying gap between the shelf and the cage side. I'm not sure if this will cause problems or not.

Brunel in the Cleide

Ledge inside the doors

The access is fairly good though not ideal, with a double sliding door in the centre of the front and a top which will come off with a bit of a fight. I like to put a ledge just inside the doors so the rats can climb out more easily. I found that bending the side hooks out on the roof made it easier to get on and off, then added some clips just to make sure it stayed on. The structure feels more solid once the shelves are added, but benefits from a Ferplast corner shelf to make it really rigid. The base has a raised grid pattern making it a little harder to clean sometimes, but unlike the Cavia Hotel I can at least reach all the corners from the door.

The bars are chromed, but I was disappointed to find that they suffer from corrosion where they get peed on or sneezed on, so my boys corroded their cage quite quickly and my cleaner girls kept theirs nice for longer. The corner rods are painted except at the top where the caps screw on.

The cage came without assembly instructions, but it's fairly simple and there are instructions on the manufacturer's website. It looks like they do spare parts, but I'm not sure where you'd get them from as there are no suppliers listed for the UK. I bought my cage from eBay.


Update: some spares are available from Rat Warehouse.

FOP Tower comprising one Siria and one Cleide

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