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The Fop Cavia Hotel

Width: 102cm
Depth: 55cm
Height: 82cm
Bar Spacing: 2.2cm
Cleaning Time: 50 minutes

The Cavia Hotel is a big cage, tall but also with a big footprint, putting it at 8 rat size by the cage calculator. I'd be happy to put six or seven in there. This makes it great for groups where some rats are having mobility problems while others still like to climb. The more agile rats can use the whole volume, while the less agile have a nice large floor space. The bars are wide spaced, I'd estimate around 22mm, so it wouldn't work for young kittens.

The access to the cage could be better. It has a large plastic door in the top, though I believe the later model has a wire door, and a door in the bottom right of the front. This is a fair size, though not large enough to get much of the cage furniture through. I'm a little puzzled as to why they didn't put the door in the middle of the front, which would make it easier to reach into the corners of the cage and let the shelves fit without fouling the door. The door is at a nice height to make a ramp down to the table when they come out to play.

My Cavia came from an ad on a web forum, and cost me thirty pounds, plus ten to fifteen pounds worth of petrol. Heaven knows why I needed another cage, but the girls are very happy in there. It came to me with three shelves and no ramps, but the ratties don't notice the lack of ramps. I'm using it with two of the shelves and one Ferplast corner shelf, because this makes the access better.

The paint looks as though it's wearing thin in places, but the bare metal isn't showing at all. I feel it may have been repainted at some stage in its history. The weight of the Cavia makes it hard to lug around, but I've found it quite handy that it's so wide, as I can rotate it and slide it over onto the table for playtime without having to lift more than one end at once. The base has been chewed a little, as it has a ridge around the inside just like the Jenny and the Freddy. I haven't had any problems with my rats chewing out of cages yet, but it's something to keep an eye on. The floor of the cage has a raised grid pattern on it, which causes a problem in the back left corner where it gets muck stuck in the grid. That's the corner that I can't reach without taking the top off the cage, so of course it's become the toilet corner. Solved it by sticking a litter tray in that corner so I can get the mess out easily.


I finally got so annoyed with the door that I moved it. I've removed the door, blocked off the door space and made a new one in the other side of the cage just where I wanted it. It's perfect. The shelves will fit wherever I want them, and I can reach into all the corners of the cage.

blocking off the old holethe new door placement

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