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Flight 400 Bird Cage

Bird cage

Width: 76cm
Depth: 45cm
Height: 94cm
Bar Spacing: narrow
Cleaning Time: 45 minutes

I bought this cage on eBay, largely accidentally. I saw it was local, stuck a bid on, and no-one else bid against me. It cost me £45. It's a good, solid, well-made metal cage with a hammered effect coating, nice big doors and a stand. It's large enough for 5 rats, almost 6.

The cage came with 2 small shelves. I made a larger shelf from a panel of the old aviary and set it with the large shelf on one side and the two smaller ones on the other, which means it's impossible for the rats to fall the full length. The large shelf is covered with cushion flooring. After taking the grille from above the base tray there was a large gap which I was worried my tiny new girls might escape through, but I filled this by inserting the grille in the very bottom, putting the two ladders on top of this (you can just see the hooks at the top of the ladders in the photo), then sliding the tray in above the stack. I stopped the tray tilting over when pulled out by fixing a small wooden shelf on one side of the cage just above the floor.

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