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Doodle Artist - Fanciful Rats

A colouring book designed just for those discerning folk who love rats as pets.

This book contains thirty images of rats in various styles and differing levels of intricacy.

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I love rats, I do!

Do you love rats?
Does your child love rats?
Then you will both love reading this book, with its colourful and appealing illustrations and its simple text.

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The Rat's Whiskers: An experience of rat breeding

Share the wonder and privilege of watching baby rats develop and grow from wriggling little jellybeans into intelligent and resourceful young ratlets. A delightful and fascinating photographic journey through the first weeks of these baby rats' lives.

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The Happy Rat Handbook

This isn't a book about keeping rats; it's a book about enjoying keeping rats. With quick makes and ideas for reusing and redefining everyday objects, plus step by step instructions for bigger projects, it's a practical and inspirational illustrated guide to entertaining your pets and enriching their lives.

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The rattycorner.com Rat Care Guide

The perfect introduction to choosing, caring for and enjoying rats as pets, the rattycorner.com Rat Care Guide is packed full of advice and ideas, written from a UK perspective but relevant wherever you live.

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Other Books

Doodle Artist: Cats & Co

Single cats, cats together and cats with other animals.

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Doodle Artist: Guinea Pigs

A book full of piggles.

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Doodle Artist: Dogs

Something for the dog loving colouring fans.

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Doodle Artist: Pets

A collection of pets for your amusement.

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Doodle Artist: Peaceful Patterns

A colouring book of patterns to help you relax.

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Doodle Artist: Rabbits and Hares

A colouring book for admirers of rabbits and hares.

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Doodle Artist: Simply Snowflakes

The essence of winter in a collection of symmetrical snowflake drawings for you to colour or cut out as decorations. A wonderful excuse to bring out the glitter gel-pens and create a magical world of multi-coloured crystals.

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Doodle Artist: Butterflies

Sharpen your pencils or pick out your fine-tips to lose yourself in thirty pages of soothingly symmetrical imaginary butterflies, loosely based on nature's own wonderful designs. There's no 'right' colour scheme to follow, you can allow your inner artist to decide. A delightful colouring challenge suitable for adults or older children.

This book contains thirty picture pages to colour, with one butterfly to each page and printed on one side of the paper only.

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Visit the Doodle Artist Website for French and German editions.

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