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One Saturday I went to a rat show in Birmingham with my mother and one of my two sisters. We have eight rats and three hamsters. We took all three hamsters and five of the rats. Sadly we didn't take my rat Quicksilver because he was a bit wheezy. Sam went in the Small Furries because he is a small furry fuzzbuzz. I thought that Sam would win, because he is the fluffiest, lickiest hamster ever.

When we got there we helped to put the rosettes up on the display board. While we were at the rat show we entered four of the five rats and all three of the hamsters. We just played with Pirate. I met another boy called Joseph and a boy called Andrew. Mum spent a lot of money on stuff for the rats and if Dad found out how much, he would be very, very, very cross. I won some balloons in the raffle. I played with them with Joseph and Andrew and we got told off.

Sam got the first prize in Small Furries and my sister's rat Pogo was the best blue rat, so we both got a rosette. I'm hoping to enter Sam again in the next show.

Joe (aged 10)

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