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Rat Proverbs

A collection of my own and other peoples' rat proverbs.

The kale is always greener in another rat's mouth.

It's the last nibble that breaks the hammock strap.

As you make your nest, so must all of you lie in it.

Look before you leap. Then do it anyway.

Out of sight, up to mischief.

There are two ends to every bone.

Thisbe flies. (Thisbe flying)

Too many rats break the hammock.

Two's company, three's a mischief.

Every igloo has a sweaty lining? Well, in my lads' cage they do....

Have biscuit, will nibble.

An egg in the cage is worth six in the box

Every hammock has (had?) a fleecy lining

Look after the straps and the hammocks will take care of themselves.

One for all and all in one place

Its all tubes and hammocks (instead of swings and roundabouts)

He who lies with rats wakes up with holes in t.shirt

A rat in the hand is worth two in the shirt.

Many rats make light work .. of anything edible, even furniture.

Early to bed and late to rise, makes a buck healthy, lazy and wise.

Rome wasn't built in a day.. but with enough rats. it could probably be gnawed down in less time.

No rat can own two masters

A rat that is the master of himself will soon be master of everyone else!

There is more than one way to scritch a rat

Ignorance of the law excuses all rats

You cannot have it both way, unless you are a rat

There is one law for the rats, and another for everyone else

love is two rats sharing one hammock.

You can lead a rat to baytril but you cant make him drink

Its no good locking the cage door after you laptop has been chewed to buggery

Where theres a Will, theres a hole in my finger!

Yoggies make the world go round

a stitch in time saves the hammock from falling down.

1 Rat is too little and 100 is not enough. - RA (Rataholics Anonymous)

There are two ways to live your life: one is as though nothing is a edible (possible), the other is as though everything is edible (possible)

Where there's a rat, there's something chewed on.

A yoggie stashed is a yoggie lost to a cagemate

Every hammock has a tasty lining

Every rat (dog) has it's day

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